Aim & Scope of IRJGES


IRJGES is an International Peer Viewed Indexed Journal aims to focus purely on research and applied research areas which includes practical experiences been gained while enhancing and testing elements in Engineering and Science with in depth learning.

It aims to fill the gap between practical and theoretical concepts in engineering and science and mining of great new innovations in engineering and Science. IRJGES covers widest range of contemporary research and novelty. The ultimate aim of the Journal is to promote contemporary and advanced research in all areas of Engineering and Sciences.

Scope of IRJGES

IRJGES is an Open-Access, peer reviewed International Journal

We have the erudite team of professional includes Professors from various varsities, Colleges, Government Organisations and have collaboration with the industrial experts to amalgamate between theory and practical

• It covers the wide range of applied and effectual research papers.

• All articles can be downloaded from the website at free of cost.

• IRJGES accepts original and high quality papers.

• IRJGES is indexed by various Bodies.

• IRJGES is awarded by an ISSN

• Jupiter Publications Consortium is approved by Govt. of Tamilnadu, India.

• IRJGES provides soft copy of certificates and Paper to all of our authors.

• Submitted papers in IRJGES are reviewed within 07 days.

• Authors query is resolved within 24 hours.

• Authors can download their full length paper from website at any time.

• IRJGES does not compromise with quality of Research.

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ISSN : 2456-172X | Cosmos Impact Factor (Germany) : 5.195
International Research Journal in Global Engineering and Sciences (IRJGES)